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<![CDATA[At Long Last an Update...aka my Dad's Lazy]]>Wed, 17 Aug 2016 23:35:39 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/at-long-last-an-updateaka-my-dads-lazyDad: Sorry to everyone that USED to read Andrea's blog. She is writing every week, but I have not created the entries. So at long last, here is a compilation of the last several weeks of letters. The oldest are at the top so read all the way down to see what Andrea is up to now.
​​Dear Friends and Family,

Long time no see. The Lord truly blesses all of us. As we went back and forth to the hospital, we were able to talk to quite a few people about the gospel. it was a testament to me that wherever we are, we can share the gospel with everyone, any time, any place.

We are teaching an investigator named brother Ronnie. He has been taught by the missionaries for many years, but as of yet has been unable to stop drinking. He told us he wants to be baptized, and we are excited for him. I know that the Savior loves each and everyone of us, and whatever we are facing, no matter what it is, He can and will help us to rid ourselves of our vices.

It just reminds of Alma the Younger, the vilest of all sinners. They were destroying the church, and in earnest prayer, his father asked for help. He was in the greatest bondage, but as it says in Alma 36:2-3
For they were in bondage, and none could deliver them except it was the God of Abraham, Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and he surely did deliver them in their afflictions.
"And now, o my son Helaman, behold thou art in thy tyouth, and therefore, I beseech of thee, that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me: for I do know that twhosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trails,and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day. 

I know the Lord gladly will help us, deliver us from all our afflictions. I know we must never give up, for great things await us.

Sister Bibo 
Dear Friends and Family,

There have been three big miracles this week.

1. while we were tracting we found a less active member from Bacolod, and told us that she was unsure when and where the church was. We invited her, and the next day she came to church with her whole famiy, all of which were nonmembers. We have a return appointment with them this week, I am super excited.

2. We were exploring again in Lainit, the farthest part of the area, and we were lost. While we were walking we saw a guard, and he came up to us and said, Sisters, I am a member. He gladly showed all of the members and a few of the investigators.

3. We had 5 investigators at sacrament, an all time record!

These are just some of the things that we have experienced. It is just a testament that God loves us, and will answer our prayers for even the small things. Keep Happy, Keep Trusting, and Keep Shining and the Lord will accomplish wonders through you. 

Love y'all,
Sister Bibo 
Hello Friends and Family,

The older I get in the mission, I feel like I have run out of ideas on what to write. Things are pretty much the same. We figured out that Sister Pancho legs have swollen, and when we went to the doctor he told us that she would need to be on bed rest for this week. It reminds me of the There is no need to run faster than ye have strength. 

But, thankfully we can go on exchanges to work our gigantic area. It has such great potential, and so do our investigators. 

One of our investigators, Keith(Kate but that's how you spell it), a part member has come to church twice now, and as part of the lesson for Relief Society they talked about temples. Sometimes as members we forget how different our vocabulary is from other religions. She had a lot of questions about the temple, What's the difference of a church and a temple, who can visit, and the best, how does a person become a member.

I told her, if you want to become a member, you need to be baptized. Then, she asked, what do you need to be baptized? YES!! I have waited to be asked that question my entire mission. She has a desire to be baptized and eventually make it to the temple.

This gospel is so true! The more that I study, teach, and am on my knees I know that he leads this church.

I know that We have no need to fear. We may have many weaknesses, but the Lord knows it. He knows what we need, when we need. He will never give us something that we can not overcome. That is the wonderful message that we can share with everyone. He will never fail us, and all he asks of us is to follow Him. 

Sister Bibo 
Hey Dad,

I have experienced ...(little kids begging,) but thankfully just asking for money. They will say in English, MONEY. So, usually I just keep some crackers in my bag, or candy to give to them. Especially when I was in the city. One time when I was in the jeepney there was a guy who was trying to put his hand on my bag, and to open it. But, I felt like I needed to move my bag, and so nothing happened. We are safe as we follow the spirit.

Dad,  I have been thinking about school and things. So, I think what I will do is to sign up for summer semester, that way that I could look for work and to save up enough money for books and to get on my feet. I just want to spend some time with the family, but at the same time I can't just go home from my mission, I need to be busy. I'm sure you experienced the same thing, I realized how much time I wasted reading or being on the computer.There is so many worthwhile thing to do.
I am going to be transferred tomorrow, so please pray for me. Karay language, and I heard that the area is quite challenging. But, it just needs the Bibo spirit.

Love you,

Hi, Dad.
​When you were in your mission, were you assigned in a branch, or mostly wards? One thing that I have seen here the elders and sisters assigned here have lost hope by disobedience and forgetting their purpose. But, we are trying to change that by our own obedience, and we have come up with plans for activities to help the members here to have unity. When the hope is rekindled, I know that there can be progression. Lots of prayers and guidance of the spirit. 

Hello Friends and Family,

I am sorry that I haven't sent a group email in a while, the time is so short.I would just like to high light one miracle this week. 

August in the Philippines is the start of rainy season,and it has been raining the entire week, I mean every single day. This week, we were wet, tired, the other day, so as part of our companionship prayer we asked to be safe from the rain.
The next day, every time we were in an appointment it started to rain, and when we left, it stopped. This is just one example of the blessings if we are obedient. There are more to come.

Sister Bibo 

Hey Dad,

That is such a blessing that you were able to get a full time job. I just hope the blessings continue. I was actually thinking about Grandma Betts this week, wondering how she was doing. I am sad that she's gone, but it's good to know that we can do baptisms for the dead for her. It's a good reminder for us to be kind just like her.

This is by far my most challenging area, and yup, probably my last. We have gone tracting this week, and zip, zilch, nada. They are  willing to listen, but if they listen to us, they will be persecuted by their neighbors. The last person we talked to let us in the house, but it was like she nervous the whole time, looking out the door. all righty then. We'll just have to ask lots of referrals from the members, and focus on the part members.The members here are few, that come to church anyway.There are about 400, but mostly less active.  Last Sunday we had 41 people come to church, which is an improvement at least. The week before I came they said only 26 people came. The members may be few, but they have such strong testimonies, especially the recent converts. They are eager  to work and to help make Tigbauan a ward.

Despite the challenges, I really like it here. It's true that it's rural, but that means that it's cheap. Transportation is all right, and most of the time we can walk, unless it's in the more rural parts of the area. But if it's late at night, you might have to walk for almost an hour to get home. Lesson learned from the past missionaries.

Allyssa's home? What, time flies. Meagan already has a countdown. I'm just enjoying the time while it lasts. 

<![CDATA[Week 54: We Got Annie!]]>Thu, 07 Jul 2016 00:17:16 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/week-54-we-got-annie07/03/2016

Dear Friends and Family,
Happy 4th of July!!!󾓦󾓦

We are so blessed. We have seen quite a few miracles this week. My two companions, Sister Cabasal and Sister Pancho have been feeling a little under the weather this week. So mostly we have been going back and forth to the doctor.

But, I can say without a doubt that we have been guided this week. A couple of miracles we saw this week was first: we found someone to work with us, Our soon-to-be investigator came to church, and in one of our lessons the spirit was so strong.

To start out the week, we were fine, they just complained that their stomach hurt. We were able to work on Monday, but Tuesday on, they couldn't take it. We rested for the day, wondering who could work with us.

We made a list, and then we remembered, Annie! Annie just came back for the week because she is a mtc teacher in Manila. She gladly worked with us, and we were able to get many return appointments in 2 hours, which almost never happens.

Another member worked with us, Bien, who is about to leave on her mission to Australia. Our appointment fell through, so the motto of missionary work is when in doubt, tract. We did so, and met a tatay, Tatay Eddy. We set a return appointment, and when we came back, he actually waited for us.

On Sunday, we were surprised to see Tatay Eddy. He was eager to come to church, and we are super excited t share with him.
In one day, we saw many miracles. There is always room for more. According to our faith it is possible. I know the future is bright if we just open our mouths and share the gopel. 

Sister Bibo 
<![CDATA[Week 53: The Blue Gate]]>Wed, 29 Jun 2016 01:08:00 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/week-53-the-blue-gate6/27/2016

Mission Explorers, reporting for duty. Sister, Sister, Sister Explorers.

This week has been an adventure, challenging but worth it. So, we are the three amigas, exploring all of Jaro. 

It is really exploring since the area book isn't really updated, but the Lord has helped us this week.

The cool story this week was about the Blue Gate. We were kind of lost since all of us are new to the area. We were searching for the Hernia family, and at first we had no luck. We were about to go to Sister Pancho's area, but we asked one more person, and he told us, look for the blue gate.

We looked around, and there were several blue gates, which one? The first blue gate, no one was home, but the second blue gate there was a kind nanay: nanay Little(this is her actual name). Nanay told us that it was her cousin, but she has moved away. But, Little has listened to the missionaries before, but when they transferred, they stopped teaching her. She is willing to listen, and we have a return appointment with her this week.

Another blessing this week is that president said that I could go to Nanay Georgia's Baptism. On Saturday I was able to see the changes in her, and to see the happiness in her face. The Lord truly softens people's hearts every day.

This last week we mostly worked in the other area, so the exploring will continue. I know that the Lord will direct us to those he wants to teach, and in spite of our short comings, the Lord can work through us if we let go of the fear we have. Even if we are weak, the Lord will make us strong. I know that this church is true, and that the plan works. I have seen it over and over in my mission. The Lord truly loves each and every one of us. 

Sister Bibo 
<![CDATA[Weeks 50, 51, and 52. The more things change...]]>Wed, 29 Jun 2016 00:48:46 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/weeks-50-51-and-52-the-more-things-change6/6/2016

​I will email later today, we are going out to lunch,

Hello Friends and Family,
This week was pretty routine, but we had a zone confernce, the last conference of sister and President Acquino. Their three years are up. I am sorry about last week. We had an activity ...that we thought we would have time to email afterwards, but we ran out of time. I was thinking about it  this week, but basically the 1 hour time is never enough, especially since this computer shop is so slow. Even when I am typing, I type faster than the computer registers.

But, I just want to say that the Lord is really in our work. Our recent convert, Tatay Teodocio is doing really well. He told us that he is so excited to go to the temple with his wife. This many was an investigator for 20 years, but the Lord helped to soften his heart and he was ready to receive the gospel. I know that as we prepare ourselves, the Lord can make our goals possbile.
Sister Bibo 

Dear Friends and Family,
I am so sorry the last couple of weeks the emails have been so short, slow internet connection, and the time just flies.

I am so so sad to hear the passing of Grandpa Carl, he was such a strong man in spite of his many trials. He is free of pain and sadness, and it is so comforting to know that families are forever, that he is with his wife again. Even though I can't be there in person, the Lord will protect each of you.

The last couple of weeks have been interesting. We were working as usual, and then we receive a call from the Assistants to the president telling us that BOTH of us will be transferring. WHAT?!?!? Our now will become an Elders area once again, so we had to say goodbye to the members, so sad. The hardest part by far is saying goodbye to the investigators and those that we have taught.

Nanay Georgia, the investigator that we have been teaching, passed her interview this week, and will be baptized this week. She is so strong, especially since she is 82 years old, and still going strong. She is also one of the part members that was a non member for 20, maybe 30 years. Her son is going to baptize her, I am so happy for them. It is just a testament that we should never give up on someone, there is always a chance for people to change, the Lord is softening the hearts of everyone. 

The sad part is we can't witness the baptism of Nanay because we will be trading areas with the Jaro Elders, so I am assigned in Jaro, and their area is huge, like double the size of the City, and that was big already.

We have been touring each area, since we are going to whitewash, or both of us are new to the area. Sister Sta Clara, my companion, is transferring to Roxas, probably the farthest place in the Island, just before Kalibo. 

Once again, in a trisome. My new companions will be Sister Pancho and Sister Cabasal(the batch of sister Sta Clara), so we will pick them up tomorrow. It is exciting though. When we were touring the Elders area, I could see that this area has great potential, it just needs a little help. I know that the Lord will help us if we ask for help, I have needed it here than any time in my life.

My trainer, Sister Baclayon, goes home tomorrow. It is crazy how time flies, just another confirmation of how little time there is to serve the Lord.

But, the best thing happened to us yesterday, a miracle. Our apartment is pretty far away from the church, like 30 minutes or so. We were about halfway there, and a man enters the jeepney. Tatay  was kind of drunk, but we felt like we should talk to him, and for some reason he looked familiar, so we start talking. We figure out that he is the dad of one of the counselors in the bishop. Now, here is the cool part. We tell tatay, you should come with us to church, and at first he was like no, I am going to the mall or something, but we persisted. Then, he came to church :D. This was Tatay's first time to come to church. He kept on telling us he wasn't masay(or happy), but at the end of sacrament meeting, he was smiling all over, and told us over and over, thank you so much sisters. Hopefully Tatay will  come again and again.

The Lord has a plan with each transfer, and I am now in the process of finding out what is in store, but whatever happens, I know that it will be according to our Heavenly Father's Plan. 

President Uchtdord has said there are no endings, just everlasting beginnings. Another time to be a disciple of our Savior, and to talk with more of God's children. 

Sister Bibo 
<![CDATA[Weeks 47, 48, and 49: Measels, Munchies, and Vampires]]>Thu, 02 Jun 2016 00:11:50 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/weeks-47-48-and-495/16/2016
Dear Friends and family,

this week I got the measels. Basically i just slept this week. I am so lucky to have a good companion that cooked and even did laundry for me.

In other news, we went to Guimaras, the other island in the mission. I ate 7 mangoes, and I am so full. It's called mangahan, or the festival of mangoes. These are the best mangoes in the world, and i testify. Mangahan is the time for all you can eat mangoes, and the plus we were able to catch up on old friends.

I am sorry this is so short, but the gospel is true. In spite of the fact we weren't able to visit our investigators, because of the help of others, we still had 3 investigators at sacrament meeting. So the Tedocio family will be baptized this week :D. I am so excited because i can see the progression in such a small amount of time. 

i love this gospel, and without a doubt I know that it's true.

Sister Bibo 
Dear Friends and Family,

Just a short message since the time is almost up. But, I have fully recovered from the German Measels, and our work is doing great. 

This week Tatay Aurelio and Sister Jenalyn was baptized. The thing that I really learned this week is how much time means for people.

We can have all the money, gifts, and everything we need, but when we give time, we feel that we are loved. Time to listen, to teach, to give a hug, or just a smile can change a person's heart.

I know that there is never enough time in this world to do good, but we can choose this day that we will serve the Lord. I know that it is never too late to be more like our Savior.

So, this week, try and give a little time, and I know that miracles will start to happen.
Sister Bibo 
​Hello Friends and Family,

We are so blessed every single day, each and every one of us. This week we received a couple of boxes of food from a member. It is always better when it is free, right?

This week we had meetings and more meetings, and on June 22 President Cruz will come here in the mission. I am excited to see the changes in the mission, to continue the progression the mission is seeing.

We taught this Lola and Lolo that were super old, they could barely hear us, around 80 years old. We told a member we had visited this family, and they were like sisters, don't go back there. They are Aswangs(aka mythical creatures that are like the equivalent to vampires back home, but they only have half a body at certain times). Wow, how many people can say that they have taught a mythical creature on their mission. Check off my bucket list. Only in the Philippines.

Anyways, I know that the Lord is active in this work. He protects all his missionaries, and people's hearts are softening a little bit at a time. I know we are all part of the family of our Heavenly Father, and that we are never alone. Our Savior sacrificed his time, energy, and everything he had for us so we just need to follow his example.
Sister Bibo 
<![CDATA[Weeks 44- 46 - catch up time]]>Tue, 10 May 2016 18:49:41 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/weeks-44-46-catch-up-timeNote from Dad: Sorry for not keeping up. Things get busy, stuff happens, blah, blah, blah. Andrea is still writing faithfully. Here are her last 3 emails, starting with the oldest on top.
​                                                                                                                                                         4/25/2016
Hello Friends and Family,

This week has been alright. Work went on as usual. But in exciting news,The family we taught last week came to church. They were smiling so much when they came to the door. They are excited to be an eternal family. I can't describe the feeling when an investigator AND a less active comes to church. Imagine Christmas morning, and your birthday combined into one day. I know, is it really that exciting? Yes, this is really that missionaries live for. Salvation one step at a time.

The cool thing is that sister had worked the entire day (literally  24 hours), but she changed and came to church with her two hyper kids. And, if they continue coming to church, we can have a wedding and a baptism on the same day. This is one of the dreams in my mission, but the more important things is that this family will be united in the gospel.

The closer that we get to our Heavenly Father, the more temptations that we face, but Jesus Christ's influence overcomes all. I know that no matter how small our faith is, it is enough for the Lord. It doesn't matter how fast, but the direction that we are going. 

I know that this church is true more and more each week. As we share in the blistering heat, or no matter what condition, Charity conquers all.

Sorry, no pictures, but stay tuned for next week. We are doing alright.


Here is an update of my life. The changes are the only that are constant in the mission.

But, our investigator got married today!!! They were so cute, just smiling the whole time. I let here wear my dress and shoes, and I have never seen someone so grateful. That is what I love here in the mission. When we give of ourselves, even just a little bit, we can see the changes in our investigators and their love.

Unfortunately, Sister Baclayon is transferring a week early since there was an emergency, so my new companion will be Sister Sta Clara, another companion from Mindanao. This is like the fourth now. Just more adjustments, but it will be fun to see what good we can do together. The experation date with my companions is about 5 weeks, and then we can't be together. Maybe this one will last longer.

But, life is good, just hot. But, also news, so next week our email time will be shortened by a hour next week and for the rest of my mission so we will email one hour a week, but skype will be 2 hours, so don't worry. It just means that my emails might be shorter, but I still love reading all the emails, so keep em coming. 

Everyday is an opportunity for change, little or small. We are so lucky to have the knowledge we have, and I know that our Heavenly Father loves us so much, everyday he watches over us and extends help. 
Sister Bibo 


Hello Friends and Family,

this week has been great, full of lots of surprises to say the least. Last Sunday, our work was just great. Our investigators were going to get married, it seemed like life was perfect. Of course, this is the time we receive a call from the Assistant to the President, telling Sister Baclayon that she was transferring, which is a week faster that it should have been since there was an emergency transfer.

Afterwards, Sister Baclayon just cried for a couple of hours, telling me that the goal of her whole mission is here in this area, and just this once she would like to stay a long time in one area. Jumping from one area to the next, she has six areas right now. She just wondered why it had to happen to her, why not somebody else. She told me she just wanted to go home since her hope in the mission was lost.

I was frantically, by myself, trying to put a zone activity together. We had planned before, but the last minute details still needed to be put together. I have probably never been so stressed in my whole mission. We woke up at 4 am, with basically three hours of sleep, and then we went to help the North zone enjoy an activity. It was rough at start, but it was successful because of the help of the ward, and especially the Lord.

Afterwards Sister Baclayon was mostly back to her normal self. We then were able to witness the wedding of Jenalynn(investigator) and Arnel(less active). She told me even though she wasn't able to witness their baptism, but at least she was a part of their conversion.

This was all one day. The next exciting part of the day was a ward home evening, where she was able to say goodbye to the members, which isn't possible in some situations. Then, around 9 we got home, just exhausted, but feeling accomplished that we had done everything we could.

The day after, she transferred, but it was a testimony that the Lord really does answer our prayers. All of our wishes, if it is right, will be granted by the Lord. I was able to talk with Sister Baclayon yesterday, and she told me that she found another family in the city that is ready.

Another missionary is from Sri Lanka, a country which is close to India. She told me that since she was converted, and she saw a picture of the Salt Lake Temple, her goal was to go there. But, imagine going from India to Utah. In other cases it would be almost impossible. But, with her mission call she was able to go to the Provo MTC, and was able to fulfill her dream.

In spite of all the trials we experience here on earth, in spite of the times we have no other person to turn to but our Father in Heaven, He is always there. We never have to be lonely, to experience sorrow without a support, a hand hold when we feel all hope is lost.

I know the Lord answers prayers, miracles really do happen, and will continue according to our Faith. 

This last week I have been feeling under the weather, but we still worked. We were punted, and we were just wondering what we were doing wrong. But this Sunday, we had 7 investigators, SEVEN people come to church. This is the first time in my entire mission, that the gospel principles class has been so full, we had seven investigators, and the Elders had seven investigators. 14 investigators all together. The Lord is really hastening his work, he is in the vineyard toiling with us.

This is still the best decision that I have made in my life so far. I have seen so many miracles and seen the Lord's hand here in my mission, and the great thing is once I get home it doesn't need to stop, it can continue and become even better.

We are so loved from our Heavenly Father since he gave us the gospel.
Love ya so much,
Sister Bibo 
<![CDATA[Week 43: It's a Small World After All]]>Mon, 18 Apr 2016 15:35:37 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/week-43-its-a-small-world-after-allDear Friends and Family,

I have officially finished many challenges here in the mission, especially eating challenges. Last week we were able to have a boodle fight, or bascially you eat as much as you can with just your hands. It was probably one of the best times in my mission.

I also finished the Jawbreaker, the 2nd biggest burger I have ever seen. The biggest is called the Tombstone, but I was not brave enough since it costs like 560 pesos,unless you can finish 400 grams of fries, and a 5 big beef stack. Needless to say, my food trip has been accomplished.

In other news, things are doing well here in Leganes. At first our area was kind of sputtering, and we were feeling discouraged. But, with hard work, fasting,and inspiring ideas, we have seen the results. Yesterday was one of the best days in my missions. 

It was one of those days that we live for as missionaries. First of all, we went to a birthday party which means lots of food, check. Then, we were able to visit some members and to strengthen our realtionship, check. And last of all, we had one  of the best lessons in my mission, check!

I mean, in my mission there are many lessons that are just kind of meh, that we feel like it will eventually make a difference, but we aren't totally in sync with the Holy Ghost.

When I worked in Arevalo in December and January, we taught a recent convert family, and she was so sweet. Here mom lives here in Leganes, and we were able to teach her brother and dad yesterday, small world.

These are people well acquainted with grief and trials, and before they would continue on, not much changing in their lives. But, lately they want to change, but they are unsure how. We thought we were there to teach her daughter-in-law, but she wasn't there. Instead of just leaving, we felt the impression to teach their family, Arnel and Tatay. It was wonderful, and the spirit was so strong, it was almost like glue(or so thick). 

Earlier in the day I had been reading in Mosiah 23:20-21, and I liked the scripture, so I marked it. It was my turn to start the lesson and it was one of the moments that the Lord was really there with us. We shared something this scripture, and even though it was one lesson, it was like we were talking about two different people(Arnel and Tatay) at once. It definitely wasn't our words, but the Lord.
I can testify that the Lord is involved in missionary work. He truly works along side each of us to help His children. Both of these men told us as long as they can, they will come to church. This may sound simple but this man is not a member, and whenever his member wife would tell him to come he would walk away. The change of a heart can happen quickly when we are ready, 

The Gospel is true, and as long as we trust in the Lord, He will instantly come to us. 
We may be lost, or hurt, or feeling discouraged, but as long as we like Paul, call to the Lord, Master, save me, He will instantly come for us.I know that these things are true in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
<![CDATA[Weeks 39-41: Dad's a Lazy Boy]]>Mon, 28 Mar 2016 19:41:26 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/weeks-39-41-dads-a-lazy-boyWEEK 41
Sorry, it's been a busy few weeks and I didn't take time to update the blog. Andrea is still writing every week. I just got a little behind. As an peace offering, I added a lengthy photo gallery to this post. I hope you enjoy.
Hey Dad, 

Have you been receiving my emails the last couple of weeks? I always check every week to see what the title (of the blog)is, but there doesn't seem to be an update. I am wondering if it's because you haven't received them, or something. Please email so that I can resend some of the pics. I am transferring finally!! Now, I love this area, but staying in one area forever is just makes you home sick. Most of the pics on sis Acosta's camera, so it's now or never.

 That's awesome that both of you have a weight loss plan. Me it's called the sweat diet. Because it's super duper hot. They don't really have thermometer, and it's kind of useless because it's Celcius. It means nothing to me. They will be like my baby has a high fever, 39 degrees. Wow, hmm, all that I know that the heat takes our energy away, so we drink quite a few slurpees. yum!
Here, Easter isn't really celebrated. I mean, it is, but it's not the main attraction. It was Holy Week last week. Did you experience this in your mission? Basically it's the big time to repent, and to remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. But, some people will actually nail nails in their hands, do an reenactment. That's what they said. So, we just stayed home, because nothing was open, and there were like no jeepneys. The next day they can't eat pork, or alcohol or things like that, and they stay home because it is prohibited to leave. The next day everything goes back to normal, and life resumes. So, it didn't really feel like Easter, oh well. It didn't really feel like Christmas in December because there is no snow. The changes of seasons really makes time fly. Here it's hot and hotter, rainy and rainier. 

With mom gone, are you just going to party all the time? Staying up watching movies, fried food all the time, sounds like paradise right now.

It's sad though. I am transferring to Leganes, and so that means that I will be leaving Sister Acosta. It's relatively close, but I am sad we were only together for 8 weeks. She was a good companion. But guess what? I am becoming companions with Sister Baclayon again.  
I believe that both of us have changed, and we can make it work. It also means that I am becoming one of the Sister Training Leaders, which is basically a fancy term for the person that goes on the exchanges with the sisters, and go to a lot of meetings. I feel like I am ready, but it just means more politics here in the mission. Who knows there could be so much drama in the mission? Anyways, thanks for letting me babble for a little bit.

Oh well, I am excited to see a new area. New people that need the gospel. Helping missionaries and others. I love the mission, but yes I am counting the days when we can see each other again. :D. As president says, I am not home sick, just accurate. Well, Enjoy the ham and deviled eggs. I am going to make some for my companion. We'll see if she likes it. 

Well, Love ya so much, and hope you enjoy this holiday season.

Hello Friends and Family,

This last week was wonderful. Brother Arleen was baptized. His baptism was yesterday, or Sunday. We had invited members, and we were worried that they wouldn't come since his baptism was before church, 7:30. But, in spite of the early hour they came and supported brother Arleen. It was a wonderful experience as us and the member of the city ward.

Brother Arleen has such a great testimony. He testified and told us that he was searching for the right path, because before he kind of just wandered. He said that he listened to us mostly out of curiosity, but then he began to feel something. He said that he is fed everyday from the book of Mormon, and that he knows that this is the right path. Simple and Powerful.

I know that we were meant to meet brother Arleen not because we were special, but from what we can learn from him. Each of us, do we know for ourselves that this is the right path?

I know that this church is true, that our path is open and clear. We just need to follow it. That is all that our Father asks of us, and he eagerly is waiting for us to receive the blessing that he prepares and rains upon us everyday. I know that our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness.The Book of Mormon can feed our starving spirits, and I know that no man can read it without coming closer to Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
<![CDATA[Week 38- Another year older and getting wiser...]]>Thu, 03 Mar 2016 01:30:48 GMThttp://sunsetinthephilippines.com/blog/week-38-another-year-older-and-getting-wiserPicture

Hello friends and family,

This last week we have really tried to feel the spirit in our companionship. It's an awesome feeling to know what you have said comes not from you, but the Holy Ghost. We had a powerful experiences this week together.

One experience this week was personal to me, but I'll just share part of this experience. This week I kind of felt down. It's a normal part of our companionship. In the mission there is the twelve week program, which basically trains the new missionary how to listen to the spirit, and not just rote presentation of the lesson. So, we tried practicing with one practicing for one of our investigators, and we were like, okay. 

Then, I felt that she should try to teach me as myself. That is when the miracle happened. Sister Acosta shared a scripture about hope, and shared an experience from her life. Sister Acosta's mom died in the year 2014. At the time, her brother was in his mission, and she told me she thought since her brother was in the mission, that her mom would live. She felt angry at Heavenly Father when she passed away, and her hope was gone. She was by herself for three months because their father left, unable to take care of their family. During that time she was able to think quite a bit. She eventually came across her mother's scriptures on her mission. One verse in 1 Nephi 8 really struck her. Because of something simple, her faith returned.

I just want to let you know that there is always hope, no matter how small. It may be low, almost on E, but we can always refill our tank. It isn't the big, overwhelming things in our lives, but the simple things that we will often forget. Scripture study, keeping a journal, and just to enjoy what we have now.

I know that this gospel is the key to our eternal happiness. The times in this life will seem but a small moment, and then we can say, that was all that was required? The blessing far abound the trials we have. 

Sister Bibo